Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dream Big!

Besides becoming a mama, these are 3 of my biggest dreams. I'm putting these out there to the Universe. Who knows who could be reading this that could help to make my dreams come true!

Dream #1. Be a guest on the Oprah Show. My dream is to be an expert guest, talking about my best selling book. (Plus, after months and months of trying to attend the show, I've decided it is easier for me to write a best selling book and then get on the show as a guest than it is to get audience tickets.) Ok, anyone out there reading this that knows the big O? Anyone out there who loves my blog and knows a book agent or publisher? Hook a girl up. Pleeeeease?

Dream #2. Be on a show like Dancing with the Stars. Getting paid to be on t.v., dance for hours each week, and wear those glamorous sparkly costumes? Are you kidding? I'm not sure what could possibly be better. Seriously. That is as close to heaven on earth as I could possibly get.

Dream #3. Be a professional cheerleader. It's sad for me to write this one, because most likely it's just not going to happen. (You may be thinking: AND LIKE THE OTHER TWO ARE??? Well, you just never do know. Don't rain on my parade.) Now, I'm almost 35. I think the oldest cheerleader in professional cheerleading history was 36 (yes, I've looked it up before). Plus, I just got my long locks cut super short and I'm an A cup.

I've always been in love with dancing and cheerleading, but my career in those fields got sidetracked by a track scholarship. Just watching the dance team in college turned my brown eyes green with envy. I did try out for the Patriots Cheerleading Squad, once when I was 26 and once when I was 32. I got to the final round of the preliminary day that second time (which isn't too shabby because I was at least 10 years older than most of the girls and I wasn't on the dance team in college.) When I came home from the tryouts, I cried to my husband, "I'll never get to dance around with pom poms again!" Well, maybe not.

What are your big dreams? I would love to hear about them!


  1. Oh my, I also want to be a guest on Oprah Show.
    I can and I will. :-)

  2. Oprah brought us The can do it Kathianne (even the cheerleader - you can dress up for Halloween!) I love your list! xo

  3. Rebecca B10:17 PM CDT

    This post has such good timing Kathianne! I was at work the other night, talking with a co-worker about goals, life dreams, etc. He told me he wrote his goals down about a year ago (refreshing that his goals were to meet the woman of his dreams get married and start a family, among other things!) and when I asked if that had helped him, he replied " as a matter of fact, yes" He had not yet met the woman of his dreams, but putting the goal on paper made him branch out more socially to increase his prospects. As Anil said "it makes me acknowledge how I positively and negatively contribute to the outcomes" I chose to write mine last night, and will keep you posted on the outcomes :-)

  4. If you can be a cheerleader, I can star in a Broadway musical, right? ;) Love this post. And I actually have contact info for a producer at Oprah, so you never know! ;)

  5. I love these BIG DREAMS. They are all soooo you. Get ready they are on the way.

    "Cheerleaders are people that keep the world in the sky. They encourage themselves and others to GO!! GO!! and Fly! So take out your best moves, and some kind words, because the world's cheerleadering squad includes you and I." (a cheer written just for you)Ellene

  6. Dear Kathianne,

    I'm absolutely mortified to be leaving this comment... you signed up for my kindness swap on 8/21, and I replied via email with all the info... unfortunately, not until I was following up today, did I notice that my email was addressed to "". Your email does not pop up. I'm so sorry for not paying better attention to this detail...


    There's still time if you would like to send in your postcards, please email me (my email is on my blogger profile). Again, I sincerely apologize.