Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't Feed Your Inner Critic

I had the wonderful opportunity to be quoted in a WebMD article today. As soon as the writer emailed me the link, I skimmed over everyone else's words until I got to mine. Goodness gracious, is that what I really said? All these years of schooling! I thought I had a better command of the English language.

I quickly emailed Miranda, the writer. Here's our email exchange:

Me: Thanks Miranda. (Did I really say that many reallys in my last quote?) Yikes!! : )
Miranda: My tape recorder says so. : )
Me: Goodness gracious! That's something I can work on for the next interview!
Miranda: I think you may be too hard on yourself- it didn't jump out at me. You were fine!
Me: Ok good. I choose to listen to your words instead of my inner critic. After all, you're the professional writer!
Miranda: Yes, and inner critics are notoriously 1) ruthless and 2) wrong.
Me: You're the best! You've officially shut up the inner critic. Well, for today.

Here's a link to the article:
Exercise and Weight Loss: 5 Truths Experts Weight In On How Much Exercise Affects Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance.