Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Right Friends

"While the right friends are near us, we feel that all is well.  Our everyday life blossoms suddenly into bright possibilities."  Helen Keller

I am blessed with many "right friends."  But today I want to send a special shout-out to my dear friend Reem.  I haven't seen her in about two years, but that doesn't matter- I can feel her friendship despite the time and distance.  When I lost my only pregnancy, she sent homemade cookies.  Reem had her mother, who lives in Palestine, light a candle and say a special prayer for me and our future baby in an ancient church in the Holy Land.  When IVF failed us, she sent a ceramic angel to watch over me.  Recently, she mailed me a hot pink book entitled, "Bloom."  It's filled with wonderful quotes like the one above, that inspire us to bloom.  I look forward to sharing more of them with you.  And I love the idea that her act of kindness will go through me and inspire you as well.  

Thanks Reem.  You've been the right friend for the past 14 years.  Girl, your friendship keeps me blooming.