Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Rogue Blog Post

This morning I received an unexpected blog comment from my sweet friend Heather: "What a great start to the morning!  It's great to see you blogging again, Kathianne.  I've missed you!"

This was surprising for two reasons:  1. Heather just had her fourth baby so I don't know how she has time to read my blog and 2.  I didn't write a blog post.  Yep.  My blog (or more accurately the email subscription service I use) randomly picked a post from March and emailed it to all my dear subscribers.  You thought it looked familiar, didn't you?

It appears that the Universe (or my blog?) is sending me a message to start writing again.  Or maybe there was something in that post that a subscriber needed to hear?

Anyway, my blogging hiatus wasn't planned.  A while ago I told myself I wasn't going to stress about the frequency of my posts.  I'm not getting paid to blog- it's just for fun and because I want to share some of myself (insights, stories, and art) with the world.  (As it turns out, connecting with my readers and other bloggers has been incredibly rewarding.)  It's just that over the past few weeks I just haven't been inspired to share.  Actually, that's not true.  A few weeks ago I wrote a really raw and revealing baby update but my husband respectfully requested I not post it.  In the past, I've revealed a lot on here which I assume has not been easy for him.  He's as private as I am open.  And this was his first request for blogging privacy which I had no problem honoring.  But after that I just got stuck.  I couldn't post about what was most on my mind, and everything else seemed trivial to me.  So no new posts.  Until now.

So, what to share in this new post after so many weeks of silence?  Well, there appears to be a bright light at the end of our long and dark (yet enlightening and insightful) journey.  The last few weeks I have been busy preparing for something very special.  And I can't wait to share that news with you.  But I don't want to jinx it.  So I am going to tell you after the fact.  I hope that's okay with you.

So until next time, nourish yourself dear reader.