Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Journal Entry Dated 8/6/09

Journal Entry 8/6/09 3:47pm (Unabridged version.)

On a lounger by the pool. I really have a wonderful life. I can't complain. I commit to not complaining anymore and celebrating all that I am and all that I have. It's enough. (Except for the kid thing. It's enough for now, but I would really like to be blessed with an angel and I think that's in the cards.) I have a wonderful and loving husband, I love my profession and finally found a way to combine my artistic self with my nutrition self. I'm healthy, just found a great hairdresser, and business is picking up. And, I still have time to sit by the pool and catch rays, take naps, be crafty, and make healthy dinners for Brian. Life is good. All is well. I relax and let go. I trust the Universe will provide (a baby) on it's own timeline, not mine. [deep breaths here] Okay, I need to read this to myself a few times a day or at least when I get caught up in the clutter of life and forget this feeling right now. That all is well in my world. I choose happy. I choose grateful.


  1. Thanks Kathianne - this is the reminder almost all of us need every day. so easy to complain about what we don't have and forget to be grateful for what we do - friendship, love, health, a roof over our heads, food in the refrigerator.....and all the other blessings the Lord provides us.

  2. Anonymous1:32 PM CDT

    I love what you wrote and while slightly off topic, would really love to hear/receive some recipes of the healthy dinners you are making. XO Rach