Monday, October 5, 2009

A Nourishing Gift

I told guests at my birthday tea party that their presence was my present, but several friends brought me goodies anyway. (Which, I must admit, was an unexpected treat!)

My new friend Patti gave me a nourishing gift. I was so touched, I wanted to share it with you, my readers.

On September 24th, she brought over a homemade 3-course vegan dinner for my husband and me. It was wonderful! What made this gift so meaningful was that she shared of herself- her time, her talents, and her love of cooking.

The gift giving season is right around the corner. I challenge you this year to reflect on how you can give of yourself to those that you love.

You can read more about the dinner details on Patti's blog, Anatomy of a Dinner Party. (If you read her post, I have to add a sentence in my defense. After she offered the gift, I told her my husband was vegan, and told her I would give her an out since she didn't know that originally. Often, his being vegan scares people away from inviting us over for dinner. But, Patti took on the challenge and did an incredible job!)


  1. You are so sweet! And you did offer me an out - but I would never walk away from a chance to learn something new and especially would never renege on a promise. It was my pleasure and you taught me how wonderful vegan cuisine can be! I should be thanking you! xoxo

  2. Anonymous8:25 PM CDT

    Yummy meal!