Sunday, October 18, 2009

No Fat Talk

Are you aware of your self-talk and how you converse with others about weight and appearance? Are your comments empowering and uplifting or discouraging and demeaning?

If you frequently participate in "fat talk" about yourself or others, consider making a change. Remember that you are not only affecting your self-esteem, but influencing the little girls and teens who hear you.

In honor of Fat Talk Free Week (October 19th-23rd) I am posting a link to this AMAZING, powerful, must-see 3 minute video: CLICK HERE

I'm so proud of my sorority, Delta Delta Delta, by making a difference with this video and other empowering body image education.

1 comment:

  1. I work as a mental health therapist and I am always struck by how mean people are to themselves, usually under the auspices of self motivation.

    I also once read that judgmental people are self-conscious. They are self-conscious because they are worried about being judged as harshly as they judge others.