Wednesday, May 13, 2009

With a Little Help From My Friends

There is a proverb that states a shared joy is a double joy and a shared sorrow is half a sorrow.

I experienced the truth of that saying in the past few weeks.  Because I “went public” on my blog with my pregnancy story and loss, my sorrow has decreased.  Friends and family have been emailing, calling, sending cards (and cookies!), and leaving comments on the blog.  In the midst of this sorrow, I also feel so loved.   And lucky to have such a wonderful network of support!

Another bonus of going public is that I haven’t had to pretend to be happy.  Everyone knows what I am going through so they don’t expect me to be my usual cheerful self.

Today, an acquaintance told me she read my blog and thought I was “so brave” for sharing.  And for a while I questioned myself:  “Is it okay that I am sharing this personal story on my blog?”  I don’t think I am brave, I think I am just being myself.  And myself happens to be open.  As long as I am authentic and my words come from my heart, I’m okay with it.

I’m sending love and gratitude through the internet to you all.  I’m feeling better physically and emotionally and I’m looking forward.  I now know I can get through anything with a little help from my friends.  (And of course, family too!)

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  1. Ain't love and a community a grand thing? Life is hard and it is not meant to be be lived in solitude. I salute a fearless life. Live and shine on, little star. Anything is possible on any day. at any given moment. And I love that.