Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Morning's Message from the Great Beyond

I awoke this morning to a beep from my cell phone.  My friend, Amber asked me through text to check today’s forecast.  We had plans to attend an outside event, but she didn’t want to make the hour-long drive if rain was forecasted for the whole day.  While on, I clicked on link about how long it takes different pieces of trash to decompose.  The article was cited as being from Divine Caroline.  I was not familiar with that site, so I followed the link.  I came to a personal story written by Christie Pettit entitled, “Thank God I’m Not in Control.”  Pettit eloquently discussed how she went through several painful months of infertility.  In the end, she ended up with a beautiful daughter and can now see how the actual timing of her baby’s birth was much better than what she had originally planned.

Yesterday I posted that I was impatiently waiting for my turn to be a mama.  I asked for stories from friends that reinforced how life events often turn out better than what we originally planned or hoped for.  Today this befitting story greeted me as soon as I got out of bed.  I am so grateful the Universe is giving me these Divine signs during my moments of doubt and frustration.  Keep ‘em coming, Universe!  The affirmations you are sending my way bring me some peace of mind.  

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