Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby Steps to Big Changes

    Last week I witnessed an incredible event. My baby girl took her first-ever unassisted steps. The next morning, two Today Show guests- both had lost half of their body weight during 2011- encouraged others by saying, "Take baby steps." 

    And once again, I was humbled to realize that I am learning as much about life from my one-year-old as she is learning from me.

    As a dietitian and health coach, I have told many clients over the years to take small steps to achieve their goals.  But having witnessed Baby Girl's breakthrough the night before, it dawned on me that there was much more to this suggestion than merely the size of the steps.  

    So whatever your goals are for 2012, here is some advice from Baby Girl on how to reach your next milestone:
    • Prepare. First we did tummy time. She hated it and cried a lot but we did it anyway. Then she learned to roll over. Then stand, crawl, and walk with a walker.
    • Celebrate successes along the way.  She squealed with joy when using her walker for the first time and would shake her bootie when learning to climb.  She reveled in her progress and had fun along the way.
    • Find support. She held our hands, the couch, and the walker, before she could go solo.  At each milestone (and in between) I cheered for her.  I clapped and encouraged.  As my girl Oprah says, find people who are going to lift you higher.   
    • Set reasonable expectations. Baby Girl wasn't trying to win a race, she was just trying to go two feet to reach Auntie Lisa.  
    • Keep looking forward. Learn from the past, but look ahead of you.  And keep your eyes off the floor.
    • Expect falls.  Focus on progress, not perfection. Learn from your slips.  Cry if you need to but then get up and try again.
    • Don't worry if you aren't perfect.  It's okay to be wobbly.  It's okay to put your hands in front of you and walk like a mummy. It's okay to revert to crawling on occasion.
    • Have faith in the process and faith in yourself.  Many have come before you and succeeded and many will follow.  You too can do it.
    • And finally, let go of the coffee table and just go for it!


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    3. @Rebecca- Your words are so sweet and will encourage me to keep writing. Thanks dear friend!

    4. Anonymous9:29 AM CST

      Love this post! It is really, really good. So glad to have you back writing : ) The photo is wonderful too. Love to you,

    5. @Rebecca and @Kristen- I REALLY appreciate your comments. But hubby and I decided for the safety of Baby Girl, we are not going to put her name or face on my blog. Please keep commenting, but refrain from your insider knowledge. : )

      @Rebecca- your comment was so sweet, I had to repost it here with her name omitted and Baby Girl in it's place. Hope you don't mind.

      Yeah!!!!! Welcome back mama, I've missed your blogs :-) Love love love your re-emergence in the blog world - such a kind, encouraging invitation for us to live without fear and go for it!

      ps - Baby Girl is simply beautiful, and her energy shows through the photos - how could it not with such an amazing, loving mama!!!

    6. Anonymous10:39 AM CST

      Okay ... You made me cry with this ... and you know how difficult that is for me. Baby girl is just a joy and a blessing. And you and the hubby are doing such a wonderful job of instilling fearlessness, adventure, laugh out loud, try, try, try you can do it, hugs, kisses, and happy feelings of love and contentment in her. Gotta' stop now - I'm about to cry again.

    7. Welcome back to blogging!! Great post...if we all shook our booties we would get to our weight loss goals faster! Love it! Oh and not being afraid of hitting our knees and crawling once in a while too!!

    8. Yay! Great post! I can't wait to read more of your encouragement and brilliant insights in 2012.

    9. what a dearheart!!!
      welcome back to the blogosphere...
      sending love to all your steps. xox

    10. This post was such an inspiration for me and really rang true. In the 10 months since my daughter has been born I've lost 80 pounds. ALL the baby weight and an extra 40. It's been a slow journey but has gone pretty much the same as Baby Girl's journey to walking. Thanks for the boost in inspiration and the reminder that moving forward is always important. So glad I found your blog and friendship!

    11. Anonymous12:41 PM CST

      This is beautiful! Is like nourishment for the heart and soul.
      Pilar and Antonio.