Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Littlest Things

Sometimes it's the littlest things that make me happy.

The monkey with the oversized ears 
that was hanging out on my banana.
The sparkly heart and rainbow stickers 
I bought for myself during a recent CVS trip.
(Who says $ can't buy happiness?)
The Wizard of Oz magnets my friend Darlene gave me 
just because she knows it's my favorite movie.
Seeing my beloved Mini parked next to a huge car.  
It never fails to make me laugh.

Be mindful of the littlest things in your life that bring you happiness.


  1. thanks for visiting today...your blog is lovely...i am diggin the rolls of ribbon. i am a ribbon freak.
    amen to you for supporting your hubby.s veganism...(is that even a word?...well it is now.)
    my hubby is health nut but LOVEs his chicken....
    so glad you reached out.
    happy cinco de mayo....

  2. I read this post last night and this morning I noticed that the little plant we rescued from the side of the road is sprouting a little bloom. She’s thriving in her new home and enjoying warmth and sunlight on our windowsill. Watching her flourish gives me so much joy. Life and prosperity are all around us; sometimes you just have to look at the little things to find them. This is such a good reminder. Thank you, Kathianne!

  3. Loving the scent of honeysuckle in my front yard and my dogs lolling in the sunshine in the back yard! oxox, Patti

  4. Emily- how wonderful that you saved a plant from the side of the road and she is now blooming! I love that story!!!!
    Patti- I agree with the honeysuckle. I have many childhood memories associated with the scent of peonies and honeysuckle.

  5. Lori Enriquez6:56 PM CDT

    love it all, the words.. meaning, positiveness
    (is that a word) and ribbons - what a lucky man your honey is:)

  6. your neighborhood looks so cool! looks like a groovy old area of town!

  7. Thanks for sharing your list of the little things! What a great reminder, and so fun to see yours! I always feel good when I visit your blog! Thanks for coming and visiting mine! :)

  8. Just stumbled to your blog while phonebanking on election day! Your posts have been a great source of inspiration, particularly in reminding me how to reinvest in the things that are important to me when I once again have free time post-election!