Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Add Color

Last month I introduced Amendi, my personal training client (and now friend!), to the joys of adult coloring books.  If you now think I am crazy, please read on.

I've been a fan of coloring for many years now.  Just like knitting, it's therapeutic and meditative.  If you've ever seen children color, you know that they calm down and get into a trance-like state.  It's the same for us adults.  (And I can't just sit and watch t.v.  I'm either coloring or sewing or embroidering or collaging or creating something.)  I recommend coloring and other creative outlets to my nutrition & wellness coaching clients.  It's an excellent form of stress management.  Spending time out of our thinking and overanalyzing left brains and stepping into our creative right brains manages stress.

So after her personal training session, Amendi and I went on a field trip to the local Barnes and Noble.  We found the adult coloring books in the children's section. (Go figure.  I've normally found them in the art section.)   She picked out two (and I'm proud that I restrained myself from purchasing any more.)

I recommend colored pencils (not markers) and being sure you have a little sharpener close by.

Here is the website where I order mine:  Dover Publications
They have SO MANY books for colorists of all ages.  It's quite unbelievable how many they have.  You can also sign up for emails that give you access to free coloring pages each week.  (Also great for those of you with children.)

Go ahead ladies.  GET YOUR COLOR ON!


  1. Are you sure you're not my clone?! I used to keep coloring books in my office! I'd occassionally pull them out on my lunch hour to relax and clear my mind.

  2. Omigosh I had no idea there were ADULT coloring books! I'm enjoying coloring the dora and princess books along side the girls but I want my own! Love the colored pencil smart!

    Kathianne, I have a patient I would love to discuss with you if you had a chance. My email is Please email me when you get a chance! Thanks!

  3. This sounds so great. I just bought two coloring books :) It'll be great to get creative but also relax at the same time.

    P.S. I listened to your podcast on tranquilista last night. Looking forward to following your blog! Thanks for everything you do.