Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Date of the Century

I haven’t posted in almost a week.  Lo siento.  I was in Mexico having some QT with my husband.  We try to unplug on our vacations- no computer or cell phone for a week.  It was glorious.

I promise you though,  this post is worth the wait. 

About five or so years after college graduation, I met an incredible man.  Even before our first date I described him to a friend as, “the date of the century.”  It was a whirlwind there for a few weeks.  The problem was that 6 weeks after we met, I was moving out of the state and going to graduate school.  What was going to happen?  Would we be able to sustain this relationship long distance?  I was worried and my twenty six year-old infatuated mind could think of little else.  These questions about my unknown future weighed me down and grew as my move date loomed.  

During that final week together, I happened upon an antique bookstore in the middle of a full-on worry session.  I perused the books and picked one off the shelf: West-Running Brook by Robert Frost.  I opened the book and gasped.  There was nothing on the left page.  The right page held only the following words:


Let the night be too dark for me to see 

Into the future.  Let what will be be.

I bought the book right then and there.  Please indulge me while I recap for dramatic effect.  I was worried, I walked into a bookstore, pulled one book of the shelf and the ONLY writing on both pages was a quote that spoke directly to my worry and gave me peace. It was the first time in my life I felt God was speaking right to me.

I pull that book off the bookshelf now when I start to worry.  It reminds me that someone is looking over me.  It reminds me that worry is pointless because what will be will be.

In case you were wondering, fiat knox is Latin for “let there be darkness”.  And yes, I married “the date of the century” a little over four years later.  


  1. So sweet! Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Anonymous9:30 PM CDT

    The story is wonderful, but I also want to hear more about the man and the date of the century! You are an excellent writer, by the way.
    Love you!

  3. Anonymous7:40 AM CDT

    The story places a smile on my face. You and Brian are a great couple; you are both very blessed!


  4. Great post, great reminder. ;)

    I missed you by a couple floors in C's house today. Hope you are doing well...perhaps a tea date soon!

  5. this makes me want to cry. over and over and over again i want to know how the chapter ends, but i never do get to know until it's the end. my friend's favorite quote is everything is alright in the end, if it's not alright, then it's not the end. keep going.
    one foot in front of the next. love it. live it.

  6. I just finished reading "The Shack" by William P. Young - Awsome, Inspiring, Spiritual, Centering, Eye Opening, Funny, Peaceful and more! It proves (to me at least) that God does speak to us, and in ways that we have to slow down to hear - Like an old book of few words.(smile) I can say this because I've spent so much time "trying" to slow down that it took a chronic illness to make me do it. I'm now listening more to my body and the "aura" around me; listening for that still small voice. I recommend the book to everyone.

  7. Diana Pazicky1:31 PM CDT

    I have read with great pleasure entries on Kathianne's blog. She writes with insight, humor, and sensitivity about her own experiences, and I commend her for her willingness to share them with others. I teach English at a university in Philadelphia, and I am also impressed by her fresh, engaging style.

    Keep writing, Kathianne!

    Diana Pazicky