Sunday, April 19, 2009

Messages from the Great Beyond (Part 1)

I love serendipity and I don’t believe in coincidence.  I believe serendipitous events are messages from a Higher Power (call it what you like: God, the Universe, Her Highness).  These messages tell us there is some order to things and we don’t need to worry quite so much.  I have been worrying about the same thing for a few months now, so I was delighted to have TWO serendipitous events happen last week.  I am sure someone out there is trying to tell me I am in the right place at the right time and with a bit of patience and faith, all will be well.  I am hearing the message, Universe.  I need to let go.  Now, since I am sharing it with the whole wide world, can it maybe happen a bit sooner? 

Here is event #1: 

Last Saturday my husband and I were walking around our downtown neighborhood after our couples massage (before you are tempted to think we live an extravagant lifestyle, I will tell you we don’t own a car, which is why we were walking).  We decided to go into a vintage shop that I like.  My last purchase there was a Clumsy Smurf glass. (Remember the glasses that used to come in fast food kid’s meals?)  The glass cost me $3.00 and has brought me joy each time I use it.  Anyway, this store is pretty large (2 floors), so while my husband checks out the vintage Playboy magazines and classic vinyl records, I just skim over the merchandise and see if there is anything new.  Downstairs I noticed a box of about 60 vintage postcards.  I pulled one out and looked at it.  Then pulled out another and turned it over.  This card had writing on it.  Whoa!  The postcard was mailed in 1906 to Walnut Street in Lancaster, PA.  My hometown!  I know that street!  Of all the stores in all of Atlanta, in all the postcards in the box, I found this one.  Somehow, 103 years after it was postmarked, this card traveled 748 miles to reach me.  Such serendipity.  I said, “It’s a sign!”  My husband said, “If you think it's a sign we should move to Lancaster, we have a problem.”  Men.  

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  1. I love this post, and I am a huge believer in serendipty, too. And, I think that when you are following the steps along the path you are intended to walk, the serendipitous moments seem to become more clear and frequent. I'm lol at your husband. Being from a small college town in PA, I feel his concern. OK. Can't stand the suspense, moving on to read about serendipituous moment numero dos!