Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cut and Paste Therapy

Readers, get out your glue sticks. 

It's time for some therapy.

I've written about the meditative benefits of coloring in the past, 
and making collages works just as well. 

Creating in my art journal is an important part of Operation Reclaim sPaRkLe
So after I put my daughter to bed, I grab my glue, plop down on the floor, and get busy.

These are the collages I created this week using only a glue stick, 
Anthropologie catalogs, and my church program. 

Many of you told me you need to reclaim your sparkle too.
So now it's your turn. 
Go ahead, Readers. There's no shame. Get into therapy!

Special thanks to Artsyville, for inspiring me to dig out my glue sticks and go for it.

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