Monday, August 30, 2010

The First Ever Nourish. Create. Bloom. Giveaway!

Are you feeling lucky?  I hope so because one lovely NCB reader will win a $70 gift certificate to 200+ CSN Stores!  

I've been scouring the CSN sites and here are a few items on my wish list for our new Dallas home: retro kitchen tables, luxury bedding, colorful throw pillows, and a stainless steel cookware set.  I'm sure you will find something (maybe shoes, bags, or yoga supplies?) that will make your home or closet bloom!

It's easy breezy to enter: All you need to do is write a comment by midnight (EST) September 6th.  The comment needs to be ON THE BLOG (not on Facebook or via email).  The winner will then be announced shortly after the contest closes.  Be sure to check back to see if you are the lucky winner!

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Note:  The gift certificate does not include shipping costs but many items in the stores have free shipping.
And last but not least: a big thanks to CSN Stores for sponsoring our giveaway!


  1. Sounds lovely! Count me in. Thanks for this :)

  2. Dallas will be by far the richer for having you and your family there. May Texas be the spark that nourishes you to create the family you so richly deserve and bloom like bluebonnets in the spring!

  3. I love the new background! Count me in for the giveaway!

  4. Wow! Fab giveaway. Thx :))

  5. sounds like fun to me!
    hope all is well with you!
    happy end of summer...
    wishing in only
    beautiful things
    falling in
    for you
    in fall.

  6. Anonymous8:35 PM CDT

    I love CSN! Thanks! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  7. OOH, I love CSN and I could use this to start buying for Christmas,money is so tight this year.Thanks

  8. Anonymous11:51 PM CDT

    Yes, Christmas is coming, isn't it? I could get some pretty nice gifts here! Thanks for the chance to win!
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  9. This is so exciting. Hope you are getting your mind wrapped around your move. Thanks so very much for considering me for the giveaway (and for visiting my blog!) Be well!

  10. Anonymous3:28 AM CDT

    This is a great store--great products, prices and service. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Pudyqat2 {at}

  11. What a great idea - thanks, Kathianne! I think you are moving today or tomorrow?! Safe travels -- enjoy the roadtrip!!

  12. Safe Travels (and happy Early Birthday!) to you!!!! Looking forward to keeping up with your adventures online!! So awesome that you got CSN to sponsor such a great giveaway!!!

  13. woo hoo! Congrats on your budding partnership with CSN! AND travel safely to Dallas! AND...happy (early) birthday!!! xoxo

  14. "I hope that you will go out and let stories happen to you and that you will work them, water them with blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till yourself bursts into bloom" Clarissa Pinkola Estes
    Safe travels my dear friend and happy Happy BLOOMING birthday to you.

  15. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I'm excited everyone is commenting and entering for the giveaway. If you sign in anonymously be sure to leave your name or email so I can let you know if you won!

  16. Stephanie Schuster6:39 PM CDT

    OK. COunt me in! Here's hoping I am going shopping!

  17. Anonymous6:45 PM CDT

    I want to win too! Pick me, pick me, pick me. Thank you (and thanks for a great blog : )

  18. Hi Kathianne! Hope all went well with the move, and setting up your new place is going well! As you well know, bigger is better in TX - for you I think this means even more glitter : )

    This contest is so cool, and a big congrats on the sponsorship! I'll email you soon, many big adventures to come in the near future - and I know you have many as well!