Thursday, August 19, 2010

Embracing Change

The hubby and I are moving to Dallas in less than 2 weeks.  My mind has been swirling.  When I start to think about the move, my breathing becomes shallow and I start to feel anxious.  I haven't been inspired to write.  So, it's been a long time since I wrote my last post.  (Yes, I do realize my last post was about Jean DiGiovanna moving and how she found the courage to do so.  But even when we make a decision to do something, it's okay to feel a bit unsettled, don't you think?)

We've been in Atlanta for 2 years now.  And two years ago I was feeling this same way.  It was hard to move from Boston.  I was there for 10 years!  At the time I didn't know how much I would grow to love Atlanta and my friends here.  How this city would become my home.  I feel like I finally know my way around.  We've found our favorite coffee shops, vegetarian-friendly restaurants, and eco-dry cleaner.  I found my sewing circle, a Spanish tutor, Crafty Chick Night, and a great dermatologist (not an easy task).  It took me two years to get here and now we are moving again and starting over once more.  I know that I will make new friends, my old friends can visit, there will be new places to discover, and new opportunities.  But still, I feel a sense of loss.  It takes time to build a community.  And in the meantime, there will be some lonely times ahead.  I don't want to linger in the sadness.  I'm just acknowledging it and moving forward.  

So I've been practicing the breathing and stress management exercises that I teach to my clients.  I've been journaling.  And I've been reading this quote to bring me peace:

Change is not something that we should fear.  Rather, it's something we should welcome.  For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they're meant to be.  -anonymous

You know I love a quote that mentions blossoming!  I also discovered this beautiful art journal from Andrea Schroeder at ABC Creativity that's gotten me inspired:
The powerful words in her journal have encouraged me to embrace this move: 

i embrace change.  i am strong.  i am brave.  i trust life.  i trust myself.  even when it's difficult or even hard, i can dive into the unknown.  i trust the process.  i make friends with change.  i know that there are always gifts on the other side.  -Andrea Schroeder

So here I come Dallas.  I'm ready for your gifts.  I'm ready to blossom and bloom.  And I'm even ready to find a new dermatologist. 


  1. Oh, Kathianne, I will miss you! It seems like only yesterday that I met you. You will find your place in Dallas, I am sure of it. Looking forward to our lunch next week!

  2. Laura Sunbery Russell6:06 PM CDT

    Great article, Kathianne! Moving is such a difficult process, but having the love and support of your husband, family and friends softens the edges (as you probably learned from past moving experiences). I'll be keeping you close in prayer.

  3. wow how exciting!
    i'm sure dallas will inspired you to bloom in all sorts of new ways.

  4. Hola Kathianne,

    How lucky the world is to having you moving through it and leaving your mark in each of the places you touch. Enjoy the next steps of your journey. I am always thinking of you.

  5. Steph Schuster6:28 PM CDT


    You will be a great Texan! Dallas is a great city and you will love it and they will love you!


  6. You are so true and bright -- You will be missed. But, you'll be on the top of my list on my Dallas trips! xoxo

  7. oh how i love the look of andrea's journal
    (& have always loved her pages/inspiration)!
    oh dear kathianne, yes, breathe, move into
    possibility, know that it is you no matter
    where you are, breathe some more ~ all the way
    into bloom!
    i send you love! xoxox

  8. good luck with the move & everything that comes along with it! love that anon. quote about change, i've used it in several yoga classes that i've taught - just keep coming back to it! hugs!!

  9. You are better at building a community than anyone I know. It will be great!

  10. Best wishes to you as you begin on your next adventure! You will bring great things to Dallas!!! Thinking of you and wishing you were moving to Hershey instead!!!

  11. This is a lovely post. I just moved from Washington, DC, to the UK and it describes exactly how I have been feeling!!! Thank you so much and best wishes for the next part of the journey!

  12. Wishing you an easy transition! Thanks for sharing your experiences on your blog :)

  13. Thank you all for your kind comments. They are supporting me through this next transition. I am blessed to have friends/ readers like you. : )

  14. Change can be scary & it can be fabulous! You will do great wherever you are-and your blog goes with you. I wrote about change at my blog: Maybe some of the quotes will help you!

  15. Brittney Copeland4:43 PM CDT

    I'll miss you Kathianne. Thank goddness for skype!