Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Road Side Market

A few weeks ago, while driving to North Carolina's Outer Banks, my husband and I stumbled upon this road side market.  I love all farmer's markets, but this one was special.
  Look at the amazing way they display their produce!
Who doesn't want to buy a sand pail filled with apples or tomatoes?

Everything looked so pretty, I ran back to the car to get my camera.
It's easy to "eat a rainbow" when shopping at a farmer's market.

You can tell a lot about an area by what they choose to preserve.

Yes, that does say Tequila Jelly and Georgia Moonshine Jelly.

I've never heard of Purple Sweet Potato Butter before, but it sure sounds interesting.

You know you're in The South when Watermelon Rind Pickles are on the shelf.

Too bad this market isn't closer to our home.  I would be there weekly for sure!


  1. Anonymous4:35 PM CST

    Hi how are you?

    I was looking through your blog, and I found it interesting, and inspiring to me, so I thought why not leave you a comment.

    I too have a blog that I use out of Southern California here in San Diego.
    Mostly it is a collection of artistic expression, and I have many friends with the same interests, maybe you can become my friend, and follow, and I can also follow you, if that is okay.

    Well I hope to hear from you soon, and or read about you….LOL


  2. Wow -- their displays are really artistic!

  3. I love it! My designer/must be organized eye is happy!

  4. Anonymous10:05 AM CST

    If there is a clone of me in the universe - it must be you! I thought I was the only one to get so exited about colors in unusal places. Though I confess, a farmer's market usually just makes me want to buy and eat :-). Shortly after he met you Brian said to me - "Mom she's just like you - she can spend hours in a craft store" I love your collages, I love your spirit, I love you creativity, I love your compassion and honesty - I love YOU. How lucky am I to have you in my life! You inspire me. (Miss Gwen)

  5. How lovingly everything is displayed. These are folks who really care about their produce. Just darling!