Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sending Out Love Today

I have to give credit to Rachel Awes for this post idea.  
I'm copying her.  
But really, can you copy sending out love?  
Can too much love be sent out?  
I think not.  
She dropped the love rock in the pond 
and I am just happy to be a ripple.  
Will you be a ripple too?

On an uninspiring note:  If you are getting Nourish. Create. Bloom.  sent to you via email, can you let me know if it's arriving in an unreadable format?  I've heard from 2 readers that the emailed format is funny, but others seem to have no issues.  Your input is most appreciated.  


  1. What a delightful garden I've wandered, Kathianne, this is blog sparkles with beauty! And I LOVE your name..."nourish", "create" and "bloom" have to be three of my most favorite words:) -Jennifer

  2. i am giddy about your rippling!
    love love love... yes!!
    it now i'm sending it to you too again!
    back, forth, swish, swash..
    i am so happy to be in this pool w/you!
    & would be thrilled to hug you in the mn pool too!! xox

  3. love & hugs right back atcha sweetie! :)